Holiday Wishlist for the Baker and Runner

Holidays are the season of giving! I put together a list of things a potential runner or baker may want! I know that I’m the kind of person who makes a list. I’ve been this way my entire life. It’s probably because I am not good with surprises… like at all.

I’m also terrible at choosing gifts for people. Like really, I am. So I routinely give people what I would want or something I know for a fact that I like. This has worked in the past. I will continue to use this system, until it fails me, soo hopefully… forever.

Please tell me what you want for christmas or else I make no promises….

1. Hydration Belt – I own this exact belt. I love it. Personally, I’ve tried the hand-held version and I can’t do it. Anything more than the tiny 10oz handheld and I want to throw things in the Potomac. This belt has been with me in 100 degree weather & on runs over 26 miles and I’ve never had an issue.  It’s about $40-$50, depending on your color, size, and where you buy it.

Nathan Hydration Belt

Nathan Hydration Belt amazon

2. Race Entries! – That’s right I usually have an entry to a race on my holiday wish list. This year Bake N’ Burn parents were nice enough to include entrance into the National Half Marathon as part of my gift! This also acts as great motivation. If someone else gifted you the race, I always feel compelled to do my best when I know it’s on someone else’s dime…

3. New Sneakers! – Every runner loves a new pair of sneakers! I just picked up these beauties last month. I went to Pacers in Clarendon, VA and got fitted. My old sneakers were giving me horrible blisters. Well turns out they were the wrong size!! But it can also be a fun experience to go with someone and pick out a fun new pair of shoes! (every girl and guy loves new sneakers!) P.S. You can always buy running shoes online, but I would recommend getting fitted by a professional first.

Love my new shoes! And look how pretty they are!

Love my new shoes! And look how pretty they are! zappos

4. UPDATE 2/21/2014- I did receive a Fitbit and while I did like it. It has been voluntarily recalled. Fitbit – So this is on my list. (fingers crossed) According to the website the force has all the following features: “Tracks steps, distance, stairs climbed, calories burned and active minutes. View stats on your wrist with OLED display, including time of day (clock). Monitors your sleep and wakes you with a silent alarm. Wear all day and night. Sweat, rain and splash proof. Includes wristband (sizing guide), charging cable, and wireless sync dongle.” I personally want it to track my sleep and my daily movement. I have a desk job and would like to incorporate more movement throughout the day. Besides look how stylish this is… okay well maybe not.

Isn't it pretty... okay isn't it functional?

Isn’t it pretty… okay isn’t it functional?

5. Prep Bowls!! What baker doesn’t love prep bowls. They are great for everything! Mine are kitchenaid and I love them. No really… I do. These are the bowls I have. You can get them online, target, and even HomeGoods…. Best part: They’re super cheap!

prep bowls

easiest cooking accessory ever. target

6. Immersion Blender – This is a hand blender. It’s not exciting but if you want to make anything into a soup, humus, mashed… you get the picture. Now, be careful giving this to someone. I happen to love mine, and got it as a housewarming gift. This is a great friend or family member gift for someone you KNOW loves to cook. This is not a gift for a significant other. You’ve been warned!

not thrilling but dishwasher safe

not thrilling but dishwasher safe bed bath & beyond

7. Fun Cookie Cutters! Cookie cutters are easy and fun. I have all sorts at home. But some of my favorite are the ones below.

Kick Punch your way through yummy yummy cookies!

Kick Punch your way through yummy yummy cookies! target

8. Shuffle – I love my iPod shuffle. You can even see it in my race pics! It’s light and clips right on to your clothes. It also makes it super easy to only have the music you’re into at the moment on there. I change my shuffle music all the time. Just plug it into computer and play around.Right now I’m loving Pitbull…

Look it's like a tiny techie rainbow!

Look it’s like a tiny techie rainbow! you can get these all over the place! Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Apple, Amazon… you catch my drift.

9. Fuel – No not a gas station gift card… but fuel. Like GU’s, Powerade, Nuun, or whatever your favorite/least objectionable is. These make a great stocking stuffer. You were going to purchase them anyway, so why not buy in bulk and potentially get a holiday discount. And in case you were wondering, I asked a product rep at the Marine Corps Marathon expo and it’s pronounced… Noon like the time of day. I still say it different every time, but at least I tried.

Love these! Great for all types of exercise

Love these! Great for all types of exercise nuun

10. Anything by Nordicware! – As a baker I love my cookie sheets, muffin/cupcake tins, pie pans, bundt pans, and so much more. My favorite brand is Nordicware. It’s great quality and not super expensive. They also make everything and you can get it in most stores. To me the more creative the better.

How gorgeous is this!!

How gorgeous is this!! Yes, I know it’s a bundt pan…

still shopping? eek… good luck?

Now, you should probably get a move on holiday shopping if you haven’t. I mean I can’t judge, I’m not done either. But there’s 7ish shopping days left before Christmas. So…. yeah… about that….

3 Comments on “Holiday Wishlist for the Baker and Runner

  1. Good list! My baking gift suggestion would be a Silpat for every baking sheet. They are about $15 each and … they will change your baking life (sorry if that sounds dramatic).

    • You are 100% right! No exaggeration! I have a little one for my small cookie sheet, but I think it may be time to upgrade all of them.

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