We’re In! Let’s run DC!

When your friend from Coloradosays I want to come visit you and run a race with the girls you don’t say no. When she says she wants to run the Nike 1/2 Marathon in DC in April. You say sure. When you see the price. You hallucinate.

So we came up with a team name and entered the lottery. FYI… we’re team Blonde Nation. So we crossed our fingers and hoped. While hoping we started designing our coordinated t-shirts. (yeah we’re those people).

And just when we thought we weren’t going to get in…. out of 15,000 runners, we squeaked in! That’s right my bib is 14,909!

We're in!

We’re in!

BTW my friend, Amy from Colorado is fast! The rest of us hope to keep up. Also jury is still out on those outfits….

My life.

I need to pick up the pace.



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