Resolutions? Don’t mind if i do?

I’ve heard a lot of talk about resolutions and let me be the first to clarify… Resolutions are not wishes. Resolutions are something that can be achieved through thought, hard-work, and perseverance. I’ve always found resolutions to be a great opportunity to commit to something and see it through. Last year, I decided to run a marathon and become a Half Fanatic. (check and check) 2014 has some new challenges.

Get Faster

You heard it here. I would like finish to finish a half in sub 2:30 again… my PR is 2:27.

Race Goals in 2014
5K – sub 30min
10K – sub 65min
1/2 Marathon – sub 2:30
Full Marathon – sub 5:30

Zooooom! (BTW… fav movie ever!)                                                                                                                            source

Run 14 Races in 2014

These can be anywhere from a 5K – Marathon. I saw many people do 13 in 2013 and that’s amazing. I’d like to join the club. So far I’m doing 7. If you have any suggestions on new races let me know!

Be More Consistent with My Training

You only get out what you put in. I need to make training more of a priority. I’d also like to add new elements to training to make it more enjoyable.

Try Newer More Exotic Recipes

I’d like to go outside my comfortable zone and cook up newer more exciting recipes. Thai is one of my favorite foods (Pad-See-Ew!!). I’d love to learn how to cook outside the box.

okay… not that kind of exotic. (geez!)                                                                                                                   source 

Be a Kinder to Myself

I need to learn how to be nicer to myself. Be less critical of my appearance, race goals, and occasional kitchen disasters! Rome wasn’t built in a day and good things take time. (Was that cliché enough?)

Learn a New Skill

Want to stay sharp? Learn a skill or so I’ve been told. Well there’s a guitar sitting in my closet that been there 10 years. My parents assumed since I was slightly musical, that I should play the guitar. People say you’re never too old to learn, so I’m going to put that to the test. I will attempt to learn to play the guitar… keyword attempt.

Run 500 Miles

That’s right, I’d like to run a total of 500 miles in 2014. This seems like a realistic goal when I look at my training schedule if I include all races too.

Try Harder

Try harder at being a better friend, wife, sister, daughter, niece, co-worker, running partner, baker, chef, shower singer, card player, or anything else that one could think of. I want to try harder and put myself into everything I do, including my relationships with people.

I got this.. well maybe? All except the guitar, that could fall apart fast.                              source

What are your resolutions or goals for 2014?

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