Getting Faster

Many of you know about my goal is to become faster. Runner’s World must know too! Or oh wait I’m not alone in my need for speed. They posted an article to their Facebook account yesterday that really hit home for me. They discussed 2 training techniques to add to your workouts that could help you pick up the pace.

1. Train Up
2. Train Down

When you Train Up you exercise with someone out of your comfort zone, allowing them to motivate your performance. For me, this is my friend Justine. She pushes me but, doesn’t desert me. Our hill workout we did a few weeks ago killed my thighs, in a good way.

Training Down has been more difficult for me to figure out. This is when you workout with someone a tad below your fitness level, to allow time to rest and recover. I can usually adjust my workouts to accommodate more recovery, probably due to my previous injuries. But I would probably enjoy this time more, if I exercised with a friend or family member.

I”m pretty sure I look more like Robin than I like.                                              source

Full Article from Runner’s World can be found here
When do you Train Up and Train Down?

2 Comments on “Getting Faster

  1. Interesting idea. I have a hard time however, running slower than my normal slow run pace. Feels like I have to change my natural form to do so.

    • I haven’t thought about the effect on form. That’s interesting. Training down seems to have the best application after a tough workout or race.

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