It’s the most expensive wonderful time of the year! The time has come to discuss what to get that runner/fitness enthusiast in your life. I’ve come with a list of my favorite fitness products to bequeath (weird word) upon your friends and family. For last year’s guide of still amazing products, check it out here. 1. A race entry – Races are expensive. Like seriously they add up! I was looking at… Read More

I was approached a few weeks ago from a company called Bio Skin. I’d heard the name but wasn’t really sure what they were all about. So naturally, I googled them. Well turns out they’re a physical therapy and overall human performance gear company that has a focus in athletic wear. Now to me, that’s a match made in compression heaven. So I was thrilled when they sent me a pair of calf sleeves… Read More

Who got a new job?!? This girl! I officially have a new job! Yes, it’s a great opportunity at an exciting company and I can’t wait to start. Of course I celebrated by buying new running gear, cause really what else would I do!?! Here’s my findings: 1. Brooks Vest I have not worn it yet. Back in college, I wore a similar vest  while running in the winter. Before I moved… Read More