Bio Skin = Compress Me So Good

I was approached a few weeks ago from a company called Bio Skin. I’d heard the name but wasn’t really sure what they were all about. So naturally, I googled them. Well turns out they’re a physical therapy and overall human performance gear company that has a focus in athletic wear. Now to me, that’s a match made in compression heaven. So I was thrilled when they sent me a pair of calf sleeves to test out.

Being the impatient child that I am, I had to put them on the second they arrived. So I tore open the box and just starting trying to put them on. Well was I in for a surprise. Compression gear from Bio Skin is REAL compression gear. I have a lot of different compression sleeves from all the big dogs in the field and NOTHING is this tight. I almost couldn’t get them on. My husband had to help me out.

Imagine super duper strong spans

Imagine super duper strong spanx

Once on I could tell these were heavy duty! They’re made of heavy duty moisture wickening fabric that reminded me of a cross between performance running tights and a wet suit.  The material is thin and cooling which allows you to wear it during vigorous physical activity. Then I realized that I didn’t need to keep playing so I took them off.

I really need a pedicure

I really need a pedicure

After my long run on Saturday, I wasn’t able to test them out, or stretch, or ice. My parents came over for a BBQ and arrived while I was showering post run. Therefore there was no time to test. However, when I woke up on Friday AM my whole body hurt. It was one of those days that I seriously regretted not taking the time to relax after my run. Unfortunately, we had a full day of furniture shopping so I had to suit up. This was the perfect opportunity to try out the calf sleeves when needed. I put them on this time when my legs were completely dry and used socks. They went on MUCH easier. I was able to get them up without giving myself a hernia. That day I had my calf sleeves and my black maxi dress on… in my head it matched.

My cat is also very curious about compression and calf sleeves

My cat is also very curious about compression and calf sleeves

The amazing part is when I got in later that evening, I had my less pain in my shins and calves. Thus far, I am very impressed with Bio Skin Calf Sleeves. I will certainly be using these as my first go to when reaching for compression sleeves. And you’ll probably hear me talking about them here and there because yours truly is also a new ambassador for Bio Skin, which means I’ll eventually get to share great discounts with all of you… just no today. Sorry guys next time.

Have you tried Bio Skin before? Do you use compression gear? When do you use compression gear? Are you a fan of calf sleeves? Have you ever worn them in a race or while training? What other braces or gear do you find yourself wearing? 

Disclaimer: Bio Skin provided me with complimentary Calf Sleeves and I am a Bio Skin Ambassador for more information on my policy check out my Disclaimer policy here. 

6 Comments on “Bio Skin = Compress Me So Good

  1. I love compression sleeves. I wear them for most of my half marathons and definitely after (especially if I’m driving right after).

  2. I’ve never tried Bio Skin. I wear compression socks during my runs and after. They feel good! I’ve actually slept in them before! haha!

    • Nice. I love compression during long runs and races. After my first marathon, I slept in them too lol. it just felt so much better!

    • I love compression too! How could you not really?!? I do have pro compression as well. These are a bit more supportive and do not move. I think it’s due to the fabric, which is totally different that pro compression sleeves.

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