Rise and Shine! Let’s run a Half Marathon! More specifically let’s run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon through the streets of Washington, DC. We got up bright and early at 4:45am to catch a metro and take the Orange line from Arlington into DC. We left around 5:45am which is a  little earlier than we would have because I wanted to get there in time to catch the Half Fanatics photo. Afterwards,… Read More

As spring race season approaches, I like to take inventory of what I have and what I may need to stock up on. Everyone has their race day rituals, superstitions, and must haves to get them through! Here are my Must Haves!: Glide– If I could coat myself head-to-toe in this stuff I would. Correction: I do. Some people chafe and some don’t. I chafe. That’s it. I actually have a scar… Read More

On Saturday, March 15, 2014 I ran the Rock N’ Roll USA Half Marathon. My running buddy Justine and I woke up at 5:00am to get ready and make it over to the starting line in Downtown, DC. Thankfully, my apartment is walking distance from a metro stop. We were able to get up collect ourselves and race (or stumble) out the door. Weather in DC in March can be a gamble…. Read More

On Thursday,  I went to the RnR USA Expo at the DC Armory. It closed at 7 so I had to jet over there quickly after work and grab my packet. My only real pet peeve about this expo was it’s closing time. 7pm! That’s not long enough, at least stay open till 8. I got there at 5:40 and went through the motions, but I would of like to not feel… Read More

The hubby and I have been experimenting with something called race-cations. It’s exactly like it sounds, a vacation centered around a race. We did that for OBX and Cape Cod a few years ago. It’s a really fun idea and you get to see parts of a new city you may never see. Our next race-cation will be… drum roll please…. Disney World!! Yes, that’s right Walt Disney World. After lots of… Read More

Running races has become very popular. So popular in fact that many sell out in mere minutes. Unfortunately, this can become very frustrating. Yesterday, I got shut out of the 17.75km. Upon completion this would of guaranteed my entry into the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM). The race filled in 9 minutes!! That’s right 9 minutes! It opened at noon, while I was in a meeting not near a computer. By the time I… Read More

That’s right I completed my very first marathon in November! It’s kind of daunting achieving a goal that was on your lifetime bucket list. Of all the posts I’ve written thus far, this required the most thought. Running a marathon is a surreal experience. I was pushed to the brink of my mental and physical endurance… and I can’t wait to do another. Let’s start at the beginning. The very first half… Read More

When your friend from Coloradosays I want to come visit you and run a race with the girls you don’t say no. When she says she wants to run the Nike 1/2 Marathon in DC in April. You say sure. When you see the price. You hallucinate. So we came up with a team name and entered the lottery. FYI… we’re team Blonde Nation. So we crossed our fingers and hoped. While… Read More

This race holds a special place in my heart for 2 reasons. The first being I grew up in this area of the Jersey Shore and the second this would be the race where I qualified for the Half Fanatics!! I was able to stay with family for this race and we made a weekend out of it. Unfortunately, larger races have spoiled me. And I need my water, sports drink, and… Read More

Baltimore is not far from DC. But after dropping off a friend last year, we knew that getting a hotel room would be a smart choice. At the 2012 Baltimore Running Festival we left DC at 5:45am and still did not get there in time to drop a friend off at the start. She had to run an  additional mile to get to the marathon start and only just made it into… Read More