May is my month of 10Ks

So apparently, May is the month of 10Ks for me. I happen to find myself signed up for 3 this month (and one half marathon). How did this happen? I’m not 100% sure. This is not a distance that I am particularly fond of nor do I have a lot of experience running. My last and only 10K was in November, which I signed up for as a shake out run before the OBX Marathon. 10K for me has always been the weird distance where it’s not quite a fast run but you don’t have to pace like a half marathon.

confused girl

How did this happen? I don’t know….

Most of your are probably thinking it’s 6.2 miles. What’s the big deal? Well you would be right. That’s like a normal long run, I just so happen to be doing it with a larger running group. The cool thing about these 3 races is where each is located. These are just a jog around suburbia (which are fine!).

The first race is on Sunday. I’m doing the Capitol Hill Classic 10K. Originally, I was signed up by my family. They somehow know a person who has a child at the school. (See how much I was paying attention?!?) Anyway I was signed up. Due to a conflict, none of them can now attend, but I still can. So looks like a fun family run has turned into me trying to get  speed through this race to get a better QT for Disney Wine and Dine in November. Another great thing about this race besides it being a great fundraiser for a local school… you right around the Capitol. If you couldn’t already tell I love the  monuments and historical buildings in DC. Running the Capitol… isn’t new I did it on Wednesday. But I still find absolutely surreal every time. It doesn’t get old for me.

Oh Look the Capitol!

Oh Look the Capitol! I’m still working on selfies… & yes that’s my hair.

The second race coming up is the BOLDERBOULDER. I decided to run this race back in January. The hubby and I were planning to visit our Colorado friends (couple responsible for introducing us) in February for a “ski weekend.” Well things were booking up quickly and would be super expensive. That’s when my home girl RockyMtnPearls (said Colorado Friend) starting talking about this cool 10K she and her husband ran last year. She told us about how pretty CO is in the spring and that we would have a great time doing more outdoorsy activities. So I let her pick when we would visit… Memorial Day weekend or February. She picked Memorial Day weekend. So all 4 of us will be running the BolderBOULDER. Hubby is a runner and Amy’s husband the Robster runs as well. So the 4 of us will be obnoxiously decked out in Red, White, and Blue to run a 10K at high altitude. (we’ll see how that goes…. I heard there’s a slip n’ slide and lots of beer stops!)

The last 10K of May is on May 31st. Originally my mother and I were signed up for the Zooma Half Marathon in Annapolis. Well sometimes life throws you lemons. My mom is having medical issues  and after speaking with her doctor did not think a half marathon right now was a good idea. However, a 10K in 4 hrs is totally possible. So we dropped down to the 10K. We’ll still have a blast and enjoy going through Annapolis. I’m excited. I’ve heard a lot about Zooma races but have yet to experience one.

When life gives you lemons, it helps to have a daughter who usually has vodka.

When life gives you lemons, it helps to have a daughter who usually has vodka.

Lastly, I leave you with the image I sent to RockyMtnPearls earlier today. Hubby and I have lots of drinks tickets from southwest that expire in August. Well guess what we’re flying out to Denver… Southwest! So we plan on having a great flight!

What are you up to this weekend? How do you feel about 10Ks? What’s your favorite race distance? Do you run at high altitude? Ever been drunk on a plane? Have you ever run a Zooma race? Ever drop down a race? (I have so many questions for today!!) Any 10K advice?

5 Comments on “May is my month of 10Ks

  1. Well, You gon’ be busy, that’s for sure. But at least they will each be experiences and totally and completely different from each other! God Speed!

  2. You have some awesome races lined up! I’m sure they’ll be a lot of fun! 5k and 10k races are not my favorite either, fast and hard to pace for me. My “sweet spot” are 10 miler and halfs! 🙂

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