Fairfax Four Miler Recap

It’s 2015! What?!? Where has this year gone? To celebrate the coming of the New Year my hubby and I decided to do the Fairfax Four Miler race together. We are a short drive from Fairfax and in lieu of going out or hitting a bar we figured a run would be fun. We both registered online and chose to pick up our packets on race night.

The race began in Old Town Fairfax, which is super cute! The official start time was 6pm. After work, we made our way over. There was ample however, it was a bit congested getting closer to the start due to road closures. Packet pick up was located at the Town Hall. It was very crowded due to people populating inside to keep warm (which makes sense… it was like 35 degrees outside).

I loved the weather. Glorious!

I loved the weather. Can every race be 35 degrees?

It looks like the race was a bit overbooked. They had run out of the custom race bibs, so we had generic Pacers bibs and they ran out of my size premium. Hubby collected his. I was happy to learn that instead of forcing the incorrect size on me, they took my bib number and promised to send one in the next 2 weeks. Based on the list, there were a lot of other people that were getting there’s sent too. We hurried back to the car and dropped off the sweatshirt and made our way over to the start line again.

Check out those awesome glow sticks!

Check out those awesome glow sticks!

Apparently there were 1700+ runners

Apparently there were 1700+ runners

The race began promptly at 6pm.We started by running through Old Town Fairfax and eventually made our way onto the George Mason University Campus. Most of the course is on the GMU Campus. Running in the dark was actually very cool and something that is a bit out of my comfort zone. Due to my current knee situation hubby and I took it easy and just had fun.

Course. Welcome to GMU

Course. Welcome to GMU

The volunteers were great and so supportive. All had such kind words to say and were happy to wish runners Happy New Year. We even approached one person who willed us to, “Stay in it and don’t give up.” I find this very supportive, but it did make me giggle. Sometimes I lose perspective on races. One person’s fun run could be another’s goal race.

The last 2 miles flew by mainly because I didn’t see mile marker 3. By the time I asked hubby about it, he shared that it was like half a mile back and that we were approaching the finish line already. He and I sped through the finish while running hand-in-hand.

Overall, it was a fun local race with my hubby and I finally got to wear my purple sparkleskirt! I’ve decided to use my time as a benchmark for 2014 and see how far I can progress during my training in 2015.

Did you do a New Year’s Race? What’s your fav race weather? Ever do a night race before? What were you NYE plans?

5 Comments on “Fairfax Four Miler Recap

  1. Haha, now I have the Frozen song in my head 🙂 I have actually never done a night race before…I would like to though! Hoping to do Rock N Roll Las Vegas, so hopefully that will be my first one!

    • OH NO! You should they’re actually very fun! Vegas looks like an awesome race, that’s definitely on the list to do someday.

  2. I go for a run but I don’t race–you just never know what you are going to be met with that day, lol. I was just talking about this with Helly, but I wish I could run with my husband. But with his knee and schedule, it just isn’t an option. So glad that you all can share this!

    • That is true. That stinks, I’m sorry to hear that. Knee injuries are so unpredictable too. Thanks, he’s much faster than me, so the few races we do together I really love.

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