Frosty 5K Recap

Last Sunday, Stephanie and I did the Frosty 5K. The weather was great and it was a blast! So let’s get into the details. On Saturday afternoon, my hubby and I swung by the Potomac River Running Store at Fairfax Corner to pick up our packets. I do not enjoy waking up earlier and this was a great way to ensure that I could arrive as close as possible to the 8:30am start time on Sunday. It was a breeze, we walked in grabbed the bibs and out. The whole thing took 5 minutes max! (Love that!)

whose ready to race?

whose ready to race?

We arrived at 8:10am and parked in the lot. The race starts and ends at the Fairfax Corner Station shopping center. This is where the Potomac River Running Store is located. Our men were on stand-by there is support and cheer! The boys grabbed coffee as we headed to the start. Since, Stephanie has never run more than 2 miles and I am still on the mend, we decided to take it easy. We’d walk/jog. The race goes on roads and generally circles the center. It was a well done course with lots of WONDERFUL volunteers! The water stop at mile 1.5 was a great pit stop too!



There were a few moments mid-race that Stephanie needed a bit of encouragement but overall we had a great time. Weather was much warmer than expected but our, “Have a Meowy Christmas” and “Bah HUMBUG” sweatshirts were perfect for the occasion.

This was Stephanie's very first race so encouragement was in order.

This was Stephanie’s very first race so encouragement was in order.

Woo! Woo!

Woo! Woo!

Overall, the Frosty 5K was a fun race! I enjoyed the local flair and would totally do another Potomac River Running Race. Well done! AND Let’s here it for Stephanie, deciding to do your first race is always exciting! You Go Girl!

What was your very first race? Do you have do races just for funsies? What your favorite thing about running in the winter?

6 Comments on “Frosty 5K Recap

    • Ooo! I’ll have to look into the Jingle Bell 5K. I’m fairly new to the PRR races but it was a fun experience. I can’t wait to do another 🙂

  1. The first race was Zooma annapolis..
    Running doesn’t agree with me or the cold. So I power walk.

  2. Very cool, congrats to all! Looks like fun! The only thing I like about winter running is that I’m faster in the cooler temps. I don’t like all the layers of clothes I have to wear though. 😉

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