Holiday Gift Guide! Running Edition

Curious about what to purchase for your runner or fitness enthusiast friends this year? Look no futher! Below is a list of great gear, gadgets, and goodies for everyone on your list… (as long as they enjoy fitness related fun!) If not an Amazon or Target gift card is always good 🙂

1. Sneakers: Most runners have one or two models of sneakers that they wear over and over again. Brooks Ravennas & New Balance 870s for yours truly. If you don’t know the model of shoes your runner loves… ask them! Runners love nothing more than to talk about running and running gear! If you want to keep it a surprise and don’t feel like rummaging through your loved one’s closets, than a gift card to the local specialty running store is a fantastic way to let the runner in your life purchase a brand new pair of sneakers for the holidays.

Please show me your most obnoxious colored version please!

Please show me your most obnoxious colored version of those sneakers please!

2. Spotify subscription: So I am totally obsessed with Spotify. Since joining, I’ve noticed that I purchase a lot less music and when I do it’s because it’s a song that I know I love and not just crushing on. The best thing about spotify is the ability to create running playlists quickly and easily. I love that I can update the songs I want to listen to during my workout without having to load them. This is a great option for training runs. Check out my current running playlist below. (I also have an amazing Christmas playlist too, which I’ll post later)

3: Foam Roller or The Stick: Recovery is key to training. (Sometimes I know I forget this.) I know that whenever I use the stick or foam roller I always feel so much better afterwards. Want to keep the runner in your life injury free, give them the gift of recovery.

4: Entry into a race: I LOVE this! If you were going to run a race, why don’t you let someone gift you the entry. I find this is always greater incentive to run your best. This is something I have done with friends and family for a long time. Last year, I was gifted entry into the Rock N’ Roll DC Half Marathon and loved it. You may need to get the giftee to assist with the set up of this unless you know all their running stats. (Also I would double check that it’s a race they would like to run)

5: 1 Month of Fitness Classes: This is very popular with friends of mine. If you know someone who has wanted to try the new Barre Studio or Pilates place in their city give them the gift of trying it out. Most fitness studios have one month unlimited specials. This is a great gift to allow someone to test out whether or not they enjoy a place enough to eventually sign up on their own. It’s like you’re giving them a trial membership.

Yep that seems about right.

Yep that seems about right.

6: Shuffle: An ipod shuffle is a great gift for those who choose not to run with phones or don’t want to burn out their batteries while running a race. It lightweight, fits a ton of music, and super easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone who is out running for 3 hours or doesn’t take their phone with them.

7: Yurbuds: Here’s the perfect gift if you’re a bit more budget conscious. Yurbuds are amazing, they’re anti-microbial and usually don’t fall out of  your ear. If you decide splash water in your face and practically take a bath at a water stop at a race then they’re impossible to keep in, (I digress). Anyway earbuds have a tendency to be gross, and I’m sure anyone would appreciate a new pair.

8: A Massage: Want to be a runner’s favorite person ever? Give them a massage as a gift. Whether it’s used as part of training or the week after a tough race as recovery this is a gift that will make most if not all runner’s happy.

Cat massage?

Cat massage?

9: Blender: Does your fitness friend make their own custom smoothies? Yes? Skip this one. No? Get them their own blender! There are so many different types to choose from so there’s something for everyone. I personally have a bella single serving blender and a Vitamix. Both are great. However, the Vitamix will change your life.

Tasty and nutrition and check out that spinach!

Tasty and nutrition and check out that spinach!

10: Compression Sleeves: Alright there are a million types of compression sleeves. Everyone has their favorite. I am personally a fan of BioSkin. They are like trying to put on a wet suit but once they’re on… omg my shins and calves do a happy dance. I wore them during the Wine and Dine Half Marathon and experienced absolutely no shin or calf pain during or after the race AND they were my only item of clothing that was dry post race.

compress me baby

compress me baby

11: Runner’s World Magazine Subscription! Give the gift that keep on giving. A Runner’s World Magazine subscription is a great gift that will supply a year’s worth of value tips and knowledge for runner of every experience and activity level.

12: Athletic Apparel! Okay so I feel like this is the more obvious choice. Get your fitness friend gear! Nike has a great new stylish line of athletic apparel out or under armour has those awesome super hero shirts. If you know your friend’s sense of style or the type of clothes that they work out in, this is a safe choice… (But always include a gift receipt 🙂 )

13. Reflective Gear: It’s winter. The sun is out less and if you’re running before or after work with a 9-5 it’s likely that some of your run is in the dark. While reflective gear isn’t always the most stylish, it’s a great way to ensure that motorists and cyclists clearly see you. There are lights, reflective tape, glow strips, and lots of other randomly bright options. I’m a big fan of my nathan streak vest. Yes, it makes me look like a crossing guard but it’s super bright!!

Okay so I could go on forever with this list but this will suffice for now. There’s a ton of great gadgets for running and fitness that would make excellent presents. Good Luck this holiday season!!

Now go get your shopping on!

Now go get your shopping on!

Have you started your holiday shopping? have you…. finished already? What are your favorite go to gifts for fitness friends? What would you like to get this year that’s fitness oriented?


7 Comments on “Holiday Gift Guide! Running Edition

  1. Great ideas! PS if you happen to wear 8.5s in the Ravennas, I have a pair I’m looking to rehome!
    I definitely agree with you on the foam roller and yurbuds–I love mine!

  2. Great list! You should try out the R8 Roll Recovery instead of the stick…i personally got rid of my stick after purchasing!

  3. This is a great list! If I wasn’t already done – I’d leave this list laying around my house for the hubs to “find”.

    I’m done shopping for others and everyone is done shopping for me. Especially since I just bought a blender last night. I got the Nutribullet Pro and I can’t wait to go to town with it this weekend.

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