Would of been (Friday) Fun News…

This week has been filled with lots of exciting news that I cannot wait to share with all of you!! So let’s dive into my Friday Favorites. This week it’s just a mix of my five favorite things that happened this week or really whatever pops into my head! (So this was written yesterday and I forgot to post… WHOOPS!)

1. Key West Half Marathon – Looks like I’m traveling to the land of margaritas, sunshine, and conch! That’s right I am a Key West Half Marathon Ambassador! I’ve loved Key West since I went there for the first time when I was 12 years old. I am no stranger to Duvall Street, Conch Fritters, Fury Booze Cruises, and the shenanigans that occur in a city that does not have an open container law (I think….). Key West is also home to the Little White House, Hemingway House, and an amazing Butterfly Conservatory. I am really looking forward to getting to race along the water and enjoy a vacay! There will be lots more information to come and I can’t wait to share it with all of you! Check out these gorgeous pics I took from a weekend trip my hubby and I took for my birthday a few years ago

We took a sunset cruise for my birthday in Key West a few years ago

We took a sunset cruise for my birthday in Key West a few years ago



2. Asheville, NC Marathon & Half Marathon – Well, it just keeps getting better. I will also be an ambassador for the Asheville Half Marathon. I found out the good news last night! I’m not from Asheville nor have I ever been there. What I do know is that, this is a locally oriented race that takes place entirely on the Biltmore Estate (which is gorgeous!). Asheville, NC is near an area known as the Blue Ridge Mountains. I’m really looking forward to embracing all the Asheville, NC has to offer and enjoying this race!!! This is so exciting and I know more information is coming! Maybe I’ll get to meet you at the race!

I mean look at that beautiful place! I'm gonna run all over it! :)

I mean look at that beautiful place! I’m gonna run all over it! 🙂 Source

This is exactly what I looked like when telling my hubby... "We're going to Asheville... LOOK! It's my name!!"

This is exactly what I looked like when telling my hubby… “We’re going to Asheville… LOOK! It’s my name!!”

3. This video! Under Armour — Product of UMD (GO TERPS!!) has announced it’s doing its largest female oriented campaign, ever. They are focusing on the athletic female. Their first commercial has already debuted and I love it. It’s moving and captivating. As someone who grew up doing dance, I think it’s amazing that UA has decided to feature a ballerina as the focal point. The young woman speaking is actually reading rejection letters Misty Copeland had received throughout her career. She pushed through and is a soloist in the American Ballet Theatre. I found this very inspiring.

4. Running in costume during a race! Yes, I know Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon is 100 days away. However, I’m from the school of thought that you test everything out before you race in it. That includes your race costumes. Now, you don’t have to test it all together but at least each individual piece. Also, there’s tons of other races coming up that allow/encourage costumes, therefore I had to get my orders in early. The most amazing part is…. I convinced my hubby to do a his and hers costume!! We’re still compiling the pieces but I assure you… it’s adorable.

Wine and Dine... this seems appropriate

Wine and Dine… this seems appropriate

5. Grilling! Our new house has a backyard therefore my hubby went out and got a grill our second week there. At first I teased him about a man and his grill. I take it back. Grills are amazing, especially when he’s cooking! I just had to share, I’m pretty excited about it.

6…. I’m going to sneak in a 6th! It’s my birthday this month! YAY! It’s not till the end of the month but, I am still super excited about it!

That my signature dance move too!!

That my signature dance move too!!

So how was your week? Any chance I’ll be meeting you in Key West or Asheville? Are you an ambassador for another awesome race? What do you think of the UA ad campaign? Do you have any insight into the relationship between a Man and his grill? My birthday celebration this year will also have a long run, any suggestions of how to make it a fun one? 

One Comment on “Would of been (Friday) Fun News…

  1. Congratulations! Ashveille is amazing–I used to horse show at the big Biltmore horse shows during the summer, and it is absolutely one of the most beautiful and impossibly insane estates ever. I can’t imagine running a half in Key West–I would just be cracking up the entire time.
    I want Misty’s calves. And poise. And drive. just wow.

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