Weekly Recap: “Let’s do all the classes”

Happy Wednesday! In an effort to stay accountable for my training, I’ve decide to implement a weekly recap. So let’s talk about March 29th – April 4th. In the future, I hope to do these posts on Sunday or Monday… but eh better late than never.

Oh Julie Andrews...

Oh Julie Andrews…

So let me prefix with, I recently signed up for classpass and have gone class crazy. Really, I love it. I grew up dancing so it truly reminds me of going to my dance classes, and brings me overwhelming happiness.

Sunday: Candlelit Yoga

Monday: REST

Tuesday: AM Barre Class

Wednesday: AM Barre Class

Thursday: Yoga Foundations

Friday: Spin Class

Saturday: Outlet Shopping… which was an exercise in itself.

swanson shopping

Yep, that seems about right

Alright let’s dive in shall we. Candlelit yoga was gentle and restorative. However, do you have any idea how difficult it is to balance in the dark (candlelight…) yeah it made for a very difficult Warrior 3. When I left I felt relaxed and ready to take on the week so that was a plus.

I am relatively new to barre. If you’ve taken it… well you know, it takes a while to adjust to it. So waking up early to attend barre classes was a HUGE step for me. I’m trying to adjust to running in the AM to make marathon training easier this summer. (well that’s an oxymoron, easy marathon training). Both classes were a major challenge, but I’m happy I survived and spoiler alert… I went back to both of them this week.

What the rest of the class looked like

What the rest of the class looked like source Photo Credit: TwentySomethingLiving

Me in my first few barre classes. You want me to what... so when do I put my leg down?

Me in my first few barre classes. You want me to what… so when do I put my leg down?

Yoga has been something that I find myself always coming back to. Thankfully, there’s a few great studios near my office that are on classpass. Right now I’m just doing the intro classes so I can adjust to their style and prepare myself to keep up with the flow classes. I like to think that I’m preparing myself for success and establishing solid building blocks.

Now onto spinning! I loooved the class, mainly because it was a theme ride. The instructor set the entire workout to 90s/dirty pop. Yes, that is correct. We “cycled” to NSYNC, Spice Girls, Christina Aguilera, Hanson, Nelly and all those songs I loved in middle school/high school. I had a blast and can’t wait to try out the other classes.

So yes, I went a little class crazy this week, but I loved every second. By Saturday I was fatigued a bit however, I felt so accomplished. Now you may notice there’s no miles there. You’re right. I didn’t run this week and that’s okay.

One of the reasons I’m loving classpass is because I can essentially just take any class I want. It rocks and works out well with my lifestyle. It’s also allowing me to try new things without having to make a serious commitment. I can challenge myself.

There's no limit to the fun new experiences I get to have in fitness. wow.. I kind of love it.

There’s no limit to the fun new experiences I get to have in fitness. wow.. I kind of love it.

 So how was your week? Try anything new? Do you take barre classes? What’s your favorite kind of cross training?

4 Comments on “Weekly Recap: “Let’s do all the classes”

  1. Class Pass is so much fun. I just wish that there were more things right directly around me! I usually run to the classes, but right now I’m trying to nurse something that has gone awry in my foot, so blarg to that. But I am right there with you–hooray for class pass! Also, that polar bear and Julie Andrews in one post is EVERYTHING

    • Classpass is most successful when the places are easy to get to proximity is key otherwise it’s not convenient. Oh no! I”m sorry to hear about your foot, I hope everything works. Also, yes, baby polar + Julie Andrews = pure happiness!

  2. I am holding off on ClassPass for now to see how I like membership with CPY, but I know some day I am going to have to try some barre. I get the leg shakes like whoa so maybe I will try to strengthen them first. 😉 Sounds like so much fun!

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