Hiking and Drinking = Perfect Saturday

Over the weekend, I made the journey to Dickerson, MD to go to one of my fav places in the DC region, Sugarloaf Mountain. My hubby and I made the hour-ish drive to and met some friends for a leisurely Saturday mid-day hike. We skipped the long portion and drove to the West View parking lot to make the .3 mile steep ascent to the top to check out the view, then we took the long way back to get more hiking in. Below are a series of photos I took from our fun filled day playing around the mini-mountain. I figured, I’d let the photos do the talking today, because it really is such a beautiful hike.



Obligatory summit view

Obligatory summit view

Oh look Foliage! It must be fall!

Oh look Foliage! It must be fall!

Picture to get a scale of how big the rocks at the top are.

Picture to get a scale of how big the rocks at the top are.

There's something gorgeous about fall... oh here it is!

There’s something gorgeous about fall… oh here it is!

Later that afternoon, we made our way over to the Sugarloaf Mountain Winery that happened to be having their annual stomp the grapes festival. So we hung out had a few glasses of wine (try the Comus!) and enjoy cheese plates. It was truly a wonderful Saturday, spent with good friends.

If that weren’t enough, we found an Oktoberfest Carnival happening later that night by my house. Naturally, we had to stop by. It was a lot of fun, but way colder than anticipated. Hubby and I rode a few rides, played some games, and enjoyed a funnel cake together. Our friends were a bit more adventurous with their choice of ride than we were.

Now that's a festive carnival!

Now that’s a festive carnival!

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Do you enjoy hiking, wine or carnivals?Β 

6 Comments on “Hiking and Drinking = Perfect Saturday

  1. I drank and took a hike. A little bit different of one, though πŸ˜‰ I would love to do that though!

    • It was beautiful and it’s so unexpected. Carnival food is AMAZING! It took all my willpower not to eat everything I saw. But… couldn’t resist the funnel cake!

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