Back to Baltimore #KingCrabChallenge

Looks like I’m going back to Baltimore this Saturday to run the Baltimore Half Marathon and the FINAL LEG of the King Crab Challenge. I am no stranger to this race and completed the half in 2013, to read more about it check it out here. It is a great race, the crowds are fantastic, lots of volunteers and who wouldn’t love an Under Armour premium. I will admit a lot of planning for this race has been super last-minute. I knew I was doing this race March. I had no idea how I was getting to packet pick up or the race until about 4 hours ago. I pricelined a hotel when I realized that there’s no way I was going to make it there in the AM. So I snagged myself a 4 star hotel at the start line for a 2 star price! BOO-YAH!

Yes, Boo-yah!

Yes, Boo-yah!

Also let’s talk about how Friends is coming to NETFLIX!! Fun fact Friends is my favorite TV show. I use to drive my roommates crazy in college and play the entire DVD box set of all 10 seasons from start to finish over and over. In truth I still do this about once a year. But I digress… back to Baltimore.

Anyway, I threw a bunch of items in a bag last night and hopefully something will work out for the race. I am really just running this race to complete the challenge. I’m sure you’ve heard me mention that if you run the Frederick Half Marathon, Baltimore 10-Miler, and the Baltimore Half Marathon you are a Maryland Double finisher and King Crab Challenge Finisher. Essentially you get an extra medal for completing both half marathons and a super sweet backpack for doing all 3 races. What can I say… I love a challenge and schwag.

Is there any other kind of challenge? really?

Is there any other kind of challenge? really?

I’m looking forward to this race, I know what to expect, I’m familiar with course, the weather is supposed to be beautiful and this year I don’t have an upper respiratory infection. Baltimore is a very hilly course so I plan on having a great time and taking it all in.

Are you running a race this weekend? Have you ever completed a multi-race challenge? Could Friends BE a better show? Are you running Baltimore? 

8 Comments on “Back to Baltimore #KingCrabChallenge

  1. I did a multi race “challenge” but it wasn’t really. It was 2 halfs in a summer (last year). I think it would cool/crazy/out of the question to do one of those 4 halfs in a weekend one (there is one around here) or the back to back marathons. I would consider Goofy or something like that, but I would really have to make sure that it was a good idea.
    Good luck!

    • I’ve seen those back-to-back-to-back races, like the dust bowl series? (is that even a thing?) Those look insane! The Goofy Challenge looks like a lot of fun. It I ever do Walt Disney World Marathon, I may have to make it the Goofy Challenge. 🙂

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