Zooma Annapolis, Disney, Race-Cations! Oh MY!

I have started my countdown for the race-cation that I have been looking forward to for the last few months. In case you were wondering it’s 36 days until I head off to Disney World to enjoy the International Food and Wine Festival… AND… you guessed it run a the Disney World Wine and Dine Half Marathon with my girl, RockyMtnPearls, her husband, and my hubby. If you’ve been here before, you know that the only thing I enjoy more than racing is racing while on vacation. I strongly believe that if you want to see a great view of somewhere while traveling, check it out on foot. As for Disney races, not much compares to that feeling you get when running through the parks. I will admit, at the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2013, I may have teared a bit while entering main street and seeing the castle. I expect a similar feeling at the end of Food and Wine because fun fact, Epcot was my favorite park growing up. I loved pretending the countries were real and stamping my “Passport” in each one. What can I say, I’ve always loved to travel.

While in Disney... this is me. Everything is wonderful and glorious. Oh look pixie dust.

While in Disney… this is me. Everything is wonderful and glorious. Oh look pixie dust.

Knowing that Disney is around the corner literally makes me giddy like a small child. However, I realized over the weekend, that I have lots of race-cations coming up! This spring I’m heading to Key West, Asheville, and I just found out that in May I’ll be returning to Annapolis, to do the Zooma Annapolis run as a race Ambassador. I have to admit, I’m kind of surprised by how many race-cations I’ve already managed to get in the books for 2015. Earlier this year, I completed the Zooma Annapolis 10K with my mom and we had a fantastic time. This is the kind of race you could run every year and still love it. Annapolis is one of the cutest cities I’ve ever been to, yeah I said cute. It’s like that small town that you always wanted to be a part of so you could think that you lived in Stars Hallow. Annapolis, has this old world charm that’s tangible while there.

So I am thrilled that I get to be part of Zooma Annapolis as a race ambassador. This also means that I am turning this into a race-cation. Yes, it may only be an hour from house however, a girl needs some girly time every once in a while. Therefore, I’ve decided I’m turning my Zooma experience into a fun girls weekend.

Purple dresses not included. But mocktails are!

Purple dresses not included. But mocktails are! Also I think I dance like the one in the middle.

If you’re planning to Zooma this year in Annapolis. And yes, Zooma is a verb. Then join me! AND I happen to have a 10% off code that’s good for the 10K or the Half. The code is: SAMANTHA15. It’s good till 5/27/15. I would get in before the price increases over and over and over. (Ugh I hate that). This year’s races take place on 5/30/2015.

Are you excited for any upcoming race-cations? Is there somewhere that I just have to go? Are you going to Zooma with me this year? Have you done Zooma Annapolis or another Zooma race this year? 

Disclaimer: I am being providing complimentary race entry to Zooma Annapolis, but all opinions are my own!

12 Comments on “Zooma Annapolis, Disney, Race-Cations! Oh MY!

  1. Sounds awesome! I’ve heard good things about ZOOMA, especially after the recent Cape Cod recaps. I have one race-cation planned already – my second half marathon, Run the Bluegrass, is in Lexington, KY. Looking forward to it!

    • I’ve heard good things about Zooma Cape Cod too. May have to add that to the someday list. Kentucky! That’s awesome! That’s another race I’ve heard a lot about. Good Luck and Have Fun!

  2. Now Disney is a race-cation!! I’m heading south (staying in the same province though) for a quick long weekend race-cation. Not too epic, but I’ll take it!

  3. Yes! I’m doing a racecation in DC later this month. Not a huge deal because I used to work there, but I’m just looking forward to getting away (oh yeah, and the race!!).

    I’d LOVE to do the Food and Wine Festival race(s) sometime – can’t wait to hear what you have to say about that!

    • That’s awesome! I just stalked your blog… so you’re coming into town for the ATM?!? That’ll be a great weekend! I’ll be sure to post lots, probably too much about the food and wine fest & race! 🙂

  4. Race-cations are the best! Last year, I combined my Austin vacay with a race during Labor Day and had fun! I need to do a Disney race someday though! Have a great race!

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