Is deferment actually defeat?

Well this sucks. Despite trying to get in training and run the Marine Corps Marathon, it’s not going to happen this year. With moving, oral surgery, and lots of other events that popped up this summer I could just not get the miles in. So instead of killing myself to cross the finish line… (what I did at my last marathon)… I decided to put it off for a year. I will run it in 2015. My husband, has also decided to put the race off for an additional year. Truthfully,we just had a lot going on and neither of us would do as well as we’d hoped (plus we’d both probably hurt ourselves.)


Yeah.. this sucks.

Additionally, I am super excited about a lot of upcoming half marathons. These races I am not concerned about regarding training. For me the miles between a half and a full are a huge deal. Training for halfs are much easier in my opinion. The long runs aren’t 3 hours and I can function afterwards. Therefore, I ‘m still going forwards with my halfs this fall and into next spring.

well #disappointment

well #disappointment

When I had this epiphany over the weekend that first person I told was my husband, who was relieved. Together we could push each other to the finish line of 2015 and we don’t plan on moving/buying a house next summer. However, the next person I called was my mother. I felt the need to explain myself and my actions. For some reason, I was very concerned that she would be disappointed in me. Turns out, it was quite the opposite. She was proud that I had decided to listen to my body for the first time and not put myself in a situation where I am setting myself up to get injured. She was also thrilled when I told her that I plan on doing a for fun cycling race as a way to strengthen my knees.

It was very difficult to write this post, because I feel like I am disappointing all of you as well. Coming to this decision was not easy and I still wonder whether I made the right call. I will admit I am more excited about other upcoming races now and feel like a weight has been lifted. Instead of focusing on adding miles, I can focus on speed, strength, and increased stamina.

But I will try not to be too bummed. Tomorrow is my birthday πŸ™‚

Time to stop wallowing and start making margaritas!

Time to stop wallowing and start making margaritas!


Have you ever had to defer a race? Was it one you were looking forward to for awhile? What do you do to battle race disappointment whether it’s poor performance or inability to execute?Β 

10 Comments on “Is deferment actually defeat?

  1. I haven’t deferred a race, but I’ve had to make game time decisions. Deferment is, in my opinion, potentially harder to swallow. It is based on hypotheticals–you might be able, you might not. But to do so knowing that you can’t/shouldn’t do the race in a safe manner–it is the right decision to withhold so that you can actually enjoy it next year!

  2. Real good post. I’ve been thinking about this a lot as I just deferred my first race ever and may defer two more this fall. I signed up for 22 races this year and it just makes sense. I pushed off the Madison Mini (Half) because it was just going to be too expensive given all of my other travel. I’m very possibly going to defer the Ventura Half Marathon next week to give myself a breather so I’m not running half marathons 3 weeks in a row. And I’m looking into deferring the Santa Barbara Half as I’ll have 4 half marathons in 8 days (not a typo) and it might be good to lessen the load a little.

    I’ve felt bad a little myself, but realized that life can get in the way of plans or sometimes you can bite off more than you can chew. Don’t feel bad at all… you listened to your body and are looking at things down the road. Chin up and just know you’ll tear that course up next year. Oh, and Happy B-day. (P.S.- if I write a post on my own blog about this subject I’ll be sure include a link to yours; like I said, it was a good one).

    • OH MEE GEE. WOWZA! That’s a lot of races. Yeah… i could see how putting a few off may be a good idea. I’m glad you liked my post, I have to admit I was dreading writing it. Deferring is such a tough decision to make. Thank you! I’m looking forward to really tearing it up in 2015.

  3. Hang in there!!! I’ve actually had to defer/withdraw from two races The Gasparilla Distance Classic and the ING Miami Half Marathon both due to injury. Both were target races that I had to let slip away. As far as dealing with disappointment I just tend to tell myself that the next run … the next day is when things are going to change. It’s sounds simple but If I give up then I’ll never know what’s next.

  4. Girl — I just wrote about this — FOR THE SAME RACE. Good thing to listen to your body and your intuition. You’ll get it next time around πŸ™‚

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