Lemon Meringue Pie

Fresh baked Lemon Meringue Pie!

Fresh baked Lemon Meringue Pie!

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day. In honor of the occasion I made one of my mother’s favorite desserts. It was delicious and pretty if I may say so! . It was so good, I had to share with all of you! On a side note, lemons remind me of summer, so once that temperature spikes I love adding lemons to everything! It’s the pumpkin spice of summer.


1 can sweetened condensed milk (14oz.)
3 egg yolks
1/2 cup real Lemon Juice (not from concentrate)
zest of one whole medium size lemon (about the size of a tennis ball)
1 pre-baked or pre-made pie shell
Pinch of ginger
1/4 tsp of vanilla extract

3 egg whites
1/4 tsp of Cream of Tartar
1/4 cup of white granulated sugar


Pre-heat Oven to 325 degrees.

1. Prep your Pie Shell. Whether you are making your own or have pre-purchased one from the grocery store. I am a HUGE fan of the Gluten Free Frozen pie shell from Whole Foods. It comes 2 in a pack and it’s so easy to work with. Once prepped (baked) set aside.

2. Mix the Condensed milk, Lemon juice, vanilla, lemon zest together in large bowl. Gently fold in the egg yolks till fully blended. Then add your pinch of ginger.

3. Pour your lemony pudding like mix into your cooled pre-baked pie crust.

Check out that lemony goodness!

Check out that lemony goodness!

4. Making your Meringue. You will need a whisk and large bowl. Make sure the bowl is completely dry and has nothing else in it. Put your 3 egg whites in the bowl and add the cream of tartar.

5. Whisk! No seriously. This will take a while. You need to whisk the white until they are fluffy. What you’re doing is putting air molecules in the whites to fluff them up. So whisk until the white are WHITE and they look like Cool Whip.

6. Once they are fluffy, gradually add your sugar. Add a little at a time, then stop to whisk again. This will make the Meringue stiff.

Finished Meringue

Almost ready. 

6. Our Meringue over yellowy goodness in pie and add a bit of “texture” with your whisk. (Make spikes so it looks pretty)

7. Bake for 13 minutes at 325 degrees.

Enjoy!! I personally think this is the type of dessert that should be enjoyed the day it’s made.

Spoiler Alert: It's delicious! :)

Spoiler Alert: It’s delicious! 🙂

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