Race-Cation Prep and the Art of Overpacking

When packing for a vacation it’s usually pretty simple to know what to bring. For a beach vacay bring plenty of swimsuits and cute comfy clothing for warm weather. If you’re going to a foreign city bring fashionable/functional outfits that you can spend the day walking around in. But when packing for a race-cation I’m always end up overpacking. However, for the first time I think I got the hang of it for my trip to Denver.

Hey, I celebrate all victories even epiphanies!

Hey, I celebrate all victories even epiphanies!

I’m not the kind of person who can carry-on for anything over 2 days. Once I came to terms with this, I was able to actually pack well. The key to a race-cation is to center a vacation you would be actually be interested in taking around a race. In this case, we are running the BolderBoulder while visiting friends in Denver and sightseeing with them. Our agenda includes hiking, shopping, playing golf, visiting Pike’s Peak (weather permitting), some great dinners, lots of drinks, and some pool time!

What do you expect.. I did grow up on the Jersey Shore.

What do you expect.. I did grow up on the Jersey Shore.

So for Race-cationing, I’ve created a list of the must bring race day items that I like to pack. These are all so important so they go in a carryon. (Everything else you need for the vacation can be packed. Priorities People!)

Race Day Essentials:
Race outfit preferably themed (bottom & top)
Running Sneakers
Sports Bra/undergarments
Hydration Belt/Handheld (this really depends on you and race length)
Fuel – Gu/Blocks/whatever floats your boat
Makeup – Tinted Moisturizer, Stila Liner, Waterproof Mascara, Bronzer & Waterproof Clay Eye Shadow

Okay… off to go for a hike here in Colorado with Ms. RockyMtnPearls!

What do you have to have for race day? Are you capable of always carrying on (I’m so impressed!)? Have you ever taken a race-cation and where? 

4 Comments on “Race-Cation Prep and the Art of Overpacking

  1. I agree with you! It is a mountain of stuff: running stuff, cycling stuff, hiking stuff, something for the evenings….Not too bad if you go by car, but a “nightmare” if you want to go by plane! Good fun, though: that’s the kind of worries I like to have!

  2. I’m a big carry on person–my mom will check a bag in a heartbeat, but I’m too impatient (and cheap) for that, if I can help it. I like that you included mascara etc in there–Beyond any vanity, I ALWAYS race in waterproof mascara to keep my eyelashes in check!

  3. SO GLAD YOU WERE HERE! Come back, please. Okay!
    One thing I started doing recently is whenever I purchase something online through Sephora and I have samples, I gravitate towards samples that will help make packing efficient. My favorite thing to get are samples of BB cream or tinted facial moisturizer with SPF so that way I don’t have to take my bottle of BB cream with me! Just an idea 😉

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