Beer Fest and Some

Beer is good for recovery. Right? Either way, Ben Franklin once said, “Beer is Proof that God Loves Us.” Even if you’re not a religious person, it’s easy to see how a great beer on a nice day can be an experience.

Well, Last Saturday, hubby and I went to a Craft Beer Festival. This is where I learned the stranger the brewing company’s name, the more I want to try it. Some winners for me in the naming category were SlyFoxBeer, Terrapin Brewing Co, Smuttynose,  & Alewerks. This doesn’t mean their beers actually tasted good.

Samples were given out in shot glasses. With no restriction to the amount you could have....

Samples were given out in shot glasses. With no restriction to the amount you could have….

My personal favorites were all the ciders. What can I say…. I love cider. The Lager from the Brooklyn Brewing Company was great. Fordham Gypsy Lager was nice as well. Lastly, I enjoy Anthem Cherry Cider. What I did learn is that not all beers are created equal. I am not a fan of stouts or IPAs. I hear it’s an acquired tasted, but it may take me awhile to acquire it.

yeah, that's  what they call it....

yeah, that’s what they call it….

Later Saturday night hubby and I saw a movie. He got to pick. I picked Frozen last time, he picked, 300 Rise of an Empire. Let’s just say Frozen was better. I bring this up only because we ordered a medium Coca-Cola to split. A medium coke was 44 OZ!!! That just a little less than 2 average size bottles of wine! Is it just me or does that seem excessive.


Then we Hibachi’ed (in case you were wondering, it’s a verb now). The hibachi was exactly what you’d expect, lots of amazing food cooked in front of you. What I didn’t’ expect was the interesting Green Tea ice cream that followed the meal! um YUM! It had an interesting zing and creaminess all at once.

it looks funky but i assure you it's delicious

it looks funky but i assure you it’s delicious

Are you a fan of Beer? Do you ever use it for recovery? What’s your favorite? Are you also obsessed with Frozen? Do you love trying new crazy foods? What’s some of your favorite interesting foods?

4 Comments on “Beer Fest and Some

  1. Beer fests are great. They have ’em out here in LA and I’ve been to several that have been held on studio backlots. There’s something really fun about drinking good beer, eating from specialty food trucks and walking down a make-believe NY street in the middle of Hollywood.

    • This was my first and definitely not my last. You just described my perfect day beer, outdoors, and food trucks! I can imagine how a back lot brew tasting could be amazing.

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