Love the Run You’re with 5K – Race Recap

So this is a little late, but with starting a new job. My whole schedule is being thrown off kilter. On Sunday February 9th, I ran the Pacer’s Valentine’s Day themed race, Love the Run You’re with 5K.

The premium was awesome. They gave us a blanket & those chalky traditional Valentine’s Day candy hearts. Yep. The race premium was a fleece blanket with an embroidered race logo. Did I mention the logo was a monkey. Just when I thought the blanket couldn’t get any better.


Packet Pick up was a Pacer’s on Pentagon Row. I swung by after my Rock Creek Park exploration. It was super easy and very convenient.

Race morning my husband and I walked to the start. Yes, the start was .7 miles from our apartment so we strolled over (awesome).  The race organizers themed everyone’s bib. If you were single it was green, gold for it’s complicated, and red for in a relationship. There were cute nicknames too, like co-dependents, stupid cupid, and single n’ mingle.  (I think, but that last one doesn’t seem right.)


The whole race was a sea pink and red. I forgot and wore purple. I love a good theme but can’t remember them all. Hubby warmed up while I stretched. My left shin has been bothering me, so I figured stretching would help.


Race started on time. There were lots of cute costumed runners. One woman was dressed as a “love bug.” It made my day. Below is the course map. It was a standard out and back, no frills. We ran adjacent to 395 on a smaller neighborhood road lined with houses. racemaps

I had some major shin issues after the first 1.5 miles and ended up slowly jogging/momentarily walking parts, while stopping to stretch. I knew it wouldn’t be fast. This was more of a leisurely shake out jog to recover from the 8.5 miles of hills I had run the day before as part of training.

We finished in 38 minutes. It was fun. This is the first time my husband and I had run a race side-by-side and I enjoyed it. 🙂


At the finish, they gave us water, bananas, and these cute little recovery boxes. They had tortilla chips, cheese, a fruit squeeze, dark chocolate covered blueberries, and a handi-wipe. I thought it was adorable.

love the run

Apparently, we both missed the pink and red memo! At least we stand out together!

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

Did anyone else run a Valentine’s Day or President’s Day themed race? Do you ever run with your significant other? How to you shake out after a long run training day?

6 Comments on “Love the Run You’re with 5K – Race Recap

  1. Totally looks like hubby is wearing red!! Are u sure he missed the memo?? 😛 Adorbs!

  2. You both are adorable. And you are on opposite sides of the color wheel so really you coordinate quite well. And both orange and purple have red as a base so it works. What great swag for a 5K- this sounded like a well organized local run!

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