Facebook and Ramblen Ambassador

Everyone has that friend who spams their newsfeed with something that they’re not interested in right? Well recently I’ve been that person. I was linking all my wordpress posts to my Facebook page and driving everyone I know insane! So I started a Bake N’ Burn facebook page.  So if you want more day-to-day updates or links to things I think are fun check it out! If you couldn’t tell I’m pretty excited about it!! (I’m kind of obsessed with social media!)

Who’s excited?!? Oh yeah me!     source

The exciting news keeps coming! I’ve been selected to be a Ramblen Ambassador! “Ramblen is a digital media and mobile platform that will allow health and fitness-focused individuals to maintain their workout routine and healthy lifestyle while traveling in an unfamiliar city.  It will offer recommendations and mobile curation of information on running trails, lap pools, gyms, fitness classes, cycling routes, group fitness classes, health and fitness merchants and healthy restaurants.” I think this is a brilliant concept and I’m excited to be a part of it. I travel a lot for pleasure to many different areas and often find myself in unfamiliar territory. I don’t want to get completely out of my routine, therefore Ramblen is a great site!

Yep. That looks like my happy dance.     source

Do you travel a lot for work or pleasure? Do you enjoy traveling for racing? Are you also totally obsessed with social media?

5 Comments on “Facebook and Ramblen Ambassador

  1. I travel lots for work and when I travel for pleasure it’s mostly to go to races. I also have a Facebook page dedicated to my blog (so as not to overwhelm all my FB friends who don’t care about my blog or dog). I’m slowly getting more obsessed with social media. It’s so much fun!!

    • In the few business trips I’ve taken, I found it very hard to incorporate training. Do you factor it in? And that’s exactly why I created mine! I think my FB friends had enough!

      • I do try to factor it in when I travel. If I can take my dog we definitely walk a lot and/or run. It is hard to do though.

  2. I am guilty of being that friend that spams newsfeeds with health/fitness related posts, even though I still have my own facebook page for my blog, #sorrynotsorry, 🙂 CONGRATS on the ramblem!

    • Thanks! I’m debating still blasting my family and friends every once in a while. 🙂 I like that…#sorrynotsorry I think it works.

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