Shape Diva Dash Recap

This race was run at the request of my mother. Yes, she saw this and thought it would be fun mother-daughter bonding. Well, she was right. Of the 3 themed 5K’s I did in 2013, this was by far my favorite. It was actually geared towards women and their strength!

Not quite Monkey Bars... Required balance and upper body strength

Not quite Monkey Bars… Required more  balance and then  upper body strength

The race was in Frederick, MD, out in farm country. The scenery was very pretty and the race volunteers were very helpful. It was a chilly September day and we had a fantastic time! It’s perfect for all fitness levels. It’s also important to note that this is a trail race.

As far as race organization, they gave participants the option to either mail their bib/shirt for a small fee or pick up race day. I had mine mailed and my mother picked hers up. Both processes went smoothly. Our race started on time and there were 2 water stops. They had staff at each obstacles to help with different fitness levels and they had options depending on whether you wanted the difficult or easier option.

For a race put on by a magazine, so I was hugely surprised! We’ll be back again next year!

The tires and pink balloons!

The tires and pink balloons!

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